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To advocate for a more responsible corporate world by advancing an ethical and sustainable business environment for a long-term shareholder value.






To promote sustainable development in emerging and frontier markets by adopting ESG principles that will allow them to improve their access to capital and achieve their real potential. Our aim is to develop a progressive ESG culture among regulators, stakeholders, investors, and corporates, raising their awareness by providing an intelligent continuous learning and interactive work ethics.






To foster a collaborative culture that encourages innovation, ensures respect of human rights, and optimizes the use of resources, all by adopting sound corporate governance.





– By building on our relationship with the United Nations, its programs and agencies to help us to embed in our methodologies business and human rights guiding principles

– By fostering our relationship with international development funds, financial institutions, and make sure that our methodologies are aligned with shareholder expectations

– By providing training and development workshops to expand the knowledge on ESG principles and standards

– By providing corporates with practical tools that will allow them to develop their ESG programs

– By becoming a reliable partner throughout corporate’s journey towards integrating ESG practices

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