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Krantz, Thomas

Position : Senior Advisor
Company : Thomas Murray Data Services
Blurb :

Mr. Thomas Krantz is Senior Advisor at Thomas Murray on Capital Markets, and serves on the Thomas Murray Data Services Board. He joined the company after spending 15 years as Secretary General of the World Federation of Exchanges. Prior to that, Mr. Krantz was director at Banque de Gestion Privee and Head Trader for equities at FIP Bourse in Paris. He also spent several years in the Banking Department of the BIS, as well as in commercial banking at Chase. Mr. Krantz holds an undergraduate degree from University of California, Berkeley, and postgraduate degrees from Harvard University and the University of Oxford.

In addition to the Shareholder Rights Steering Committee, he is a volunteer ambassador for Integrated Reporting, a global initiative aimed at restructuring corporate disclosures.

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