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IGI Declaration > Become a Signatory

Who Can Join?

All companies and investors who wish to sign up for the IGI declaration should undergo a Governance & Integrity Assessment (GIA) in order to qualify or have undertaken an IFC full assessment within the last two years.

1. Institutional Investors
Being a signatory to the IGI documents asset managers’ commitments to professional governance and financial ethics and gives them a competitive edge over their non-signatory peers by helping them make better investment decisions and mitigating financial risks.

2. Professional service partner
This category includes organizations that offer products or services to asset owners and/or investment managers. Although such professional service partners do not manage the funds directly, they do however, influence investment decisions. For this group, becoming an IGI signatory demonstrates their commitment to promoting good corporate governance practices and actively supporting companies that uphold them.

3. Public or Private Companies
This category is designed for companies that show a high commitment to progressive corporate governance programs and commit to a high level of transparency and accountability as defined by GIR by undertaking a yearly review of their corporate governance program. By becoming a member, these companies accept to promote best in class corporate governance practices.

Why Join?

Becoming a signatory to the IGI allows your firm to publicly demonstrate its commitment to corporate governance and places your organization at the heart of a global community seeking to protect shareholders’ rights and mitigate risks by making sound investment decisions.
A company that does not put the interests of its shareholders at the forefront will not attract investors and will not be a productive agent in improving the economy.
IGI Signatories commit to the following:
• To incorporate Governance & Integrity Assessment (GIA) results into investment analysis and decision-making processes;
• To be an active owner and to incorporate GIA recommendations into their ownership policies and practices;
• To promote GIA within the investment industry;
• To work with Capital Concept and other signatories to enhance their effectiveness in implementing good corporate governance practices;
• To report on their activities and progress towards implementing good governance.

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