Banque Bemo s.a.l receives a grade of D- in Governance and Integrity Rating on Online Transparency and Disclosure

September 03, 2015 – Banque Bemo


Beirut, September 3, 2015 – Shareholder-Rights©, a leading provider of ratings to global investors, announced today the results that Banque Bemo s.a.l – listed on Beirut Stock Exchange, with a market cap of 90 Million US Dollars at end of year 2014 – receives a D- grade in Governance & Integrity Rating (GIR) on Online Transparency and Disclosure.


Banque Bemo s.a.l has failed in its disclosure of Shareholders’ Rights related information and Corporate Governance policies such as the Annual Report, Code of Ethics, Corporate Governance Code, Financial Statements, and Board & Executive Management Information. The bank needs to address these weaknesses in order to give the right signals to shareholders and stakeholders.


Banque Bemo s.a.l falls within the Inadequate range according to our Grading System. A D- score means that the bank reveals a lack of disclosure of corporate governance principles and materials.


Overall, Shareholder-Rights© has rated all ten listed companies on the Beirut Stock Exchange. Banque Bemo s.a.l has ranked fifth.


The next Shareholder-Rights© GIR rating will take place in 2016, allowing the bank to address its weaknesses and improve its ranking.


Throughout the year, the rated bank can notify Shareholder-Rights© with any changes implemented in order to improve its grade.


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About Shareholder-Rights©

Shareholder-Rights© by Capital Concept sal is an independent provider of research and ratings on corporate governance affecting the performance of public and private companies. Our researchers and analysts are precluded from engaging in any transactions involving any companies we follow. Our ratings and supporting research are intended to provide investors with an effective summary of corporate governance disclosure and transparency that can and do impact shareholder democracy and issuer risk. They are not, however, intended for stand-alone use and should not be considered as simple Buy, Sell or Hold recommendations. We encourage investment professionals to regard these ratings as a specialized, proprietary input to be used in combination with existing fundamental analysis or other approaches and to help comply with Investors for Governance and Integrity (IGI) and similar standards.

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